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Get to know me better ♥
Hi! My name is Jane ;3 I am an extremely passionate and sensual person, full of mystery, desire and lots of fun. I love exploring my sexuality and chatting with nice people here. I am a very open and permissive person, who loves being in front of the webcam and going crazy with my body and my best show. I don't like negativity, I'm trying my best to smile and make your day a little better while you're in my room, so please play and look on the bright side. I believe that I'm different and that I will find a way to make it worth your while spending time with me, if you only let me. Your support and love makes my dreams come true, and for this I THANK YOU やあ!私の名前はジェーンです;3 私は非常に情熱的で官能的な人で、謎、欲望、そしてたくさんの楽しみに満ちています。 私は自分のセクシュアリティを探求し、ここで素敵な人々とチャットするのが大好きです. 私は非常にオープンで寛容な人で、ウェブカメラの前にいて、自分の体と最高のショーに夢中になるのが大好きです。
Wish I could take so long :(
Grabbing the cock at the base, I circle the head with my tongue, after which I lick it again like a lollipop. And only after that I take it in my mouth. Slowly, first the head, gradually plunging it deeper, lubricating it with saliva. I feel hot, running my tongue around the shaft, I feel the veins throbbing. Holding at the base, I begin to move my head up and down, trying to make it as pleasant as possible, then moving my tongue, then trying to draw in my cheeks as tightly as possible, clasping the cock in my mouth. When I take a breath, I stroke the cock with my hand, playing with it with my tongue a little, I feel the salty taste of the lubricant. Thoughts are spinning in my head "I wish I could do so for so long" チンポの根元を掴み、舌で頭をグルグル回した後、ロリポップのようにまた舐めます。そしてその後、私はそれを口に入れます。ゆっくりと、最初に頭から、徐々に深く沈め、唾液で潤滑します。私は熱く感じ、舌をシャフトに巻きつけ、静脈が脈打つのを感じます。根元を持って、頭を上下に動かし始め、できるだけ気持ちよくさせようとし、次に舌を動かし、頬をできるだけきつく引き寄せようとして、チンポを口の中で握り締めます。 息を吐きながらチンポを手で撫でたり、舌で少し弄ったりすると、潤滑油の塩味が感じられます。頭の中で思考がぐるぐる回っている
8 facts about me ♥
1) I love to cook! I find many ready-made recipes for various dishes, and also invent them myself. 2) I don't know how to get up in the morning. The alarm clock with the sound "Alarm" rings every 2-3 minutes for an hour, but I do not hear it. The mechanical one is in the corridor so that I wake up while I go to turn it off, but this does not help ahaha 3) The superpower I want to have is to eat and not get fat! But alas 4) I prefer to look at everything with a smile, I laugh a lot, I like to joke and I also appreciate optimism and lightness in other people! Yes, I am very emotional. 5) I like animals a lot. When I was at school, someone always lived at our house: cats, dogs, parrots, hamsters. 6) I am the only child in the family, so I was spoiled a lot. 7) I do not drink Coca-Cola and any other sweet carbonated drinks, I do not eat sausage, mayonnaise and other semi-finished products, as I consider them very harmful. But I eat a lot of sweets. 8) My favorite artist is Salvador Dali.
About me
Hello everyone, my name is Jane. Greetings to you . I like to have sex and give pleasure to men. Trust me, we'll have fun :) 皆さんこんにちは、私の名前はジェーンです。はじめまして。私はセックスをして男性に喜びを与えるのが好きです。私を信じてください、私たちは楽しんでいます:)
An unusual story about my first sex (18+) ♥
The first time I had not sex, but cunnilingus. I was friends then with one man, he was married. And after cunnilingus in his car, we tried to do something, but I stopped in time. Then I started dating a guy, for a while we just talked. I already wanted him, but he ... did not give! He said he didn't want to spoil me. In general, once he apparently could not restrain himself and (again in the car) it happened. It was, of course, painful and not for long, but it seemed to be pleasant, then I was 18. 初めてセックスじゃなくてクンニ。私は当時、一人の男性と友達で、彼は結婚していました。そして彼の車でクンニした後、何かしようとしましたが、間に合いませんでした。それから私は男と付き合い始め、しばらくの間私たちはただ話しました.私はすでに彼が欲しかったのですが、彼は... 与えませんでした!彼は私を甘やかしたくないと言った.一般的に、彼はどうやら自分を抑えることができず、(再び車の中で)それが起こった。もちろん、それは苦痛で、長くは続きませんでしたが、楽しいようでした。その時、私は 18 歳でした。


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